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Oleg Akkuratov was born at October 21, 1989 in Yeisk, Krasnodar region. The child was born blind. In four years, Oleg showed his musical abilities by playing the piano and hearing a melody. He was immediately brought to the Yeisk music school for audition. Teachers heard shocked, immediately took Oleg to 1 class. Two years later, Oleg went to a specialized music school for blind children of Armavir, Krasnodar Region and moved to a boarding school in which it existed. The school Oleg taught to read music scores in Braille.


Later, parallel training at school, Oleg studied at the Moscow State College of pop and jazz Music, a class teacher Michael Okun. After graduating in 2008, College of Music, Oleg went to pop-jazz department of the Institute of Music of the Moscow University of Culture and Arts. In 2015 Oleg graduated from the Rostov State Conservatory and now teaches there. Continue education at the Moscow Conservatory did not work because it is almost impossible for a blind person without assistance. During training, Oleg participated in concerts and became the winner of various music competitions, including international ones.

There was a concert party with an outstanding opera singer Montserrat Caballé, performed with Evelyn Glennie.

As a member of the World UNESCO joint choir took part in the world premiere of "Thousands of cities" international charity event, played at the residence of the Pope.


Oleg Akkuratov has outstanding musical ability: absolute pitch, musical memory, sense of rhythm. Virtuoso jazz, classical works. Can sing in English and German, taught himself to it, listening to the songs on the music player. Hearing a melody, for example by radio, memory can play it on the piano. He loves poetry and knows by heart many poems.


As the events of the life of Oleg movie "Colourful twilight" was filmed in 2009 - the debut work of Lyudmila Gurchenko as a director. Also, she assisted Oleg to went to study in America in a school for musically gifted people who are blind, but soon returned to Russia.

Oleg Akkuratov have many awards of academic and jazz competitions. Competitions in various cities from Krasnodar to Novosibirsk, International award "Philanthropist", Russian competition of young performers of jazz "Piano In Jazz" (Moscow) - neither one of them Oleg did not leave without first prize or the Grand Prix.

Since 2013, Oleg Akkuratov collaborate with Igor Butman, the People's Artist of Russia. As part of the Quartet, Igor Butman and Moscow Jazz Orchestra Oleg has made a tours in Latvia, Israel, the Netherlands, Italy, India, the United States and Canada.

In 2013 Oleg Akkuratov became a sensation of the International festival "Triumph of Jazz" In October of the same year Oleg became a member of the international project of Igor Butman's "The Future of Jazz" with bass player Kate Davis, drummer Mark Whitfield and the saxophonist Francesco Kafiso, and "AquaJazz. Sochi Jazz Festival" in Sochi. In spring 2014, Oleg played Hymn Of the Paralympics in Sochi at closing ceremony. In 2016 Oleg Akkuratov several times participated in a tour in the US with Igor Butman, performing at full halls in Washington, Denver, Houston, Montreal and many other cities.

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